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Win regardless


Betn1 will refund your Sportsbook losses up to 100% up to a maximum of €50. All you need to do is to place a bet on any sports on Monday, Thursday or Friday.

If your bet is declared lost on one event or you might have missed all of the events of your ticket, you will be refunded according to the followings:

1) In case of at least 10 events listed in your coupon, they will refund the 50% of the amount of your bet
2) In case of at least 21 events listed in the coupon, they will refund the 75% of the amount of your bet
3) In case of at least 26 events listed in the coupon, they will refund the 100% of the amount of your bet

All the bets with a minimum amount of EUR 2 to a maximum of EUR 50 are eligible to participate in the Promotion.



About Betn1


The team of Betn1 consists of people working in the online betting industry for over a decade. The experience gained over the years has allowed them offering a product that is definitely superior both in terms of technology and type and quality of games available to its customers. All direct and indirect employees of the team of Betn1 are selected scrupulously with the knowledge that only the quality of human resources can guarantee a high level. Therefore, safety, reliability and transparency are the foundations of the project. With such qualities, it stands out and is appreciated in view of online betting.

The strength of the Company is surely the protection of the consumer/player through the choice of certified products and the protocols of the most important European countries. Also, to mention again, players have the opportunity to bet very small amounts in a column which will allow the player/ consumer to test their ability to forecast without ‘’ risking large sums. Betn1 uses whiteboards to allow the consumer/ player to win the best odds in the online market. At last but not least, the law and the protection of Privacy is the hallmark of Betn1. They provide their customers all the security protocols dictated by the EU directives. All in all, Betn1 is a young and dynamic brand that can address the multiple challenges that the market for online betting can present.




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