Ultimate List of the Top Soccer Prediction Sites

Top 5 Best Football Prediction Sites


How often do you visit one of the good prediction sites looking for tips and accurate football predictions, before placing your bet? Can you really tell the results of a soccer match without football predictors or top soccer prediction sites?

It’s not easy to guess the right result or at least win big money easily in a short time because it’s still a game full of surprises.

soccer prediction sites

The best soccer predictions for today are what are sought after to make the best decisions for matches every day, who likes to lose? Nobody.

In this updated post about the best soccer prediction sites, you will find out why and how each of these platforms offers real soccer predictions to stake.

You will find information about platforms that provide Free and Accurate Soccer predictions and the most recommended advice for the best daily leagues to bet, football banker bets, soccer odds and more.

Here you will be informed of the best soccer prediction sites that accurately predict sports results.

5 Top Soccer Prediction Sites:


• 1960tips.com
• bettingmetrics.com
• betbot.soccer
• winbet.website
• livepick.eu


1) 1960tips.com – This service prides itself as the best prediction site in the world! This positive attitude comes from their ten-year experience garnered in the football betting industry. Furthermore, 1960tips.com is among the first football tips sharing services employing machine learning in placing accurate football predictions. The process of football and professional soccer tips generation gears towards the future. This disposition assures that 1960tips.com will continue to pioneer efforts in the soccer tips sharing market!

Also, this platform’s sole aim is to provide responsibility in gambling by availing your information to help you make informed decisions about your gambling. If interested in all mentioned above, you should go through the other resources that 1960tips.com provides for your betting success: Tips and leagues competition, an insightful blog, fan gameplay, tips market and many more.

2) Bettingmetrics.com – This is an online-based platform that aims to help you increase your betting profits by aggregating your data. It acts as a powerful tool that allows you to track, analyse and share your betting performance in a quick and efficient way. It also acts as a social hub where punters can exchange information and help each other in seeking better profits.



Bettingmetrics odds comparison is designed to help you maximise your betting profits by allowing you to place your bets with the highest available odds on the market. Furthermore, Bettingmetrics developed football prediction model with the customer in mind. Their football prediction model is fully automated and collects statistics 24h a day and 365 days a year in order to identify profitable opportunities every day.


3)BetBot Soccer Betbot.soccer – AI-powered football match previews and artificial intelligence football predictions. Betbot is a successful attempt to prove that match previews/game-ups and betting advice can be made perfectly well by computers. It is a solid data model designed to make very good predictions especially for teams that are overvalued or a big tradition.  It takes in hundreds of different data points, every statistic you can think of – as well as weather, the distance between teams, and what people say of the teams on social media. Betbot then uses old games, today over 15 000 games to look for similarities and for trying to make an accurate prediction.

Everything you see on this page is made with Artificial Intelligence. You can use the page to get state of the art betting advice or just for getting initiated background info on football games coming up.

4) Winbet.website – This is an android application based on a free football predictions website that has already helped hundreds of thousands online football betting users. They analyze the data for almost all football leagues worldwide and kick out the best 1X2 and Asian Handicap tips to give you the greatest chance of winning every day.




  • Free daily betting tips, perfect for users searching best soccer predictions for today
  • Verified tips record
  • Detailed stats to show our performance
  • Friendly user interface
  • Push notifications
  • No registration required

5) Livepick.eu – This website uses the Most Powerful Football Filters. They are the place where you find all the football data you’ll ever need. Learn more by playing a video and discover it by yourself.


You can set more than 100 conditions (time, shots on/off target, attacks, corners, etc. You just save hours and hours of your time. Never miss a chance to find a perfect match again!

BONUS: Useful and Good Prediction Site

Injuriesandsuspensions.com – It can be hard to keep track of the football players who might be injured or missing for every team. Therefore, this service collects important sports information. You can scan through the clubs for a particular competition and find out which players have been sidelined with an injury. You can refer to the detail of that injury along with how long they’re expected to be missing on the sidelines. In addition, they provide valuable information regarding suspended players so that you can bear these omissions in mind when betting on future football matches.

Which is the Best Football Prediction Site in 2020?

Follow one of the links above; we can assure you that they rate themselves as the best soccer prediction site this year.

To get the best soccer tips today, visit one of the 5 top soccer prediction sites listed in this article. Other sites listed also provide soccer tips today.

Gambling, they once said and still say, is bad mainly because of the consequences of its addiction but despite all the talk, victory, and / or defeat cries from gambling; Bets are as old as time.

The word “bet” has become an ancestor, great-grandfather to the game, with soccer at the centre.

The whole gamble that badmouths in itself does not stop the birth of many football prediction sites and the best soccer betting sites next to it.

There is a big difference between watching a match and watching a match after placing a bet; adrenaline and vigilance of the sense organs; your reaction to the way the ball moves is very different.

Football betting is fun especially when you are draining your money but it hurts when you lose especially without a point in the right direction.


Concluding Notes on the Top Soccer Predictions Sites

Football already has a special bond with most men and women … we love soccer, right?

Why not make money, while loving what we love, using everything we have from watching football to suit ourselves from time to time.

Interestingly, you can now do this easily with soccer tips from one of the best soccer prediction sites offered above, and place a bet on one of the sports betting sites.

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