The Ins And Outs Of Live Betting On Soccer

The Ins And Outs Of Live Betting On Soccer

Although most people are familiar with betting on soccer – or football, as some might call it – before the match starts, live betting provides players the opportunity to dive right into the game. In other words, you don’t have to make your decision beforehand as the oddsmakers will post the lines as the action happens. After each cross, corner and goal, the lines will update and you can jump in to make your decision then. Many of the best sportsbooks like BetOnline, Bodog, Bet365 – and even DraftKings and FanDuel in the U.S. – will post in-game lines. If you haven’t delved into it, we’ll guide you on how to get started.


There’s Lots Of Betting Options

One of the best parts of live betting on soccer is that there are a world of options. A quick BetOnline review shows that they could have 50 to 100 options for their in-game lines at any one point. They’ll not only have moneylines on who’ll win the game, spreads and over-unders, you can also bet on things like what the score will be at halftime, which team will have the next corner, will the game go to penalty kicks and much more.

Why that’s useful is because you’re not simply limited to who’ll win the game. Sometimes making that prediction is challenging but if you’re watching the game, you might get a feel for what some of the other good bets might be. With so many options on the board, you can search for some good value – maybe even a player prop – and bet on something that isn’t directly related to who’ll win or lose the game.


You’ll Get Some Evidence

A really frustrating part of sports betting can be when you bet on a team and they don’t perform as you expected. You might look at a Manchester City-Burnley derby and think that Manchester City should flatten their opponent. By all measures in your pre-match handicapping, that’s how the game should play out. However, once they actually start playing, the reality could be very different. Maybe Man City is a bit sleepy or maybe they’re not as focused as they should be, and all of the sudden you get burned.

The beauty of live betting is that you get to have some evidence put in front of you before you make your prediction. If you flip on the game and you can see that Man City is sleepwalking through the first 15 minutes, you might opt not to bet on them or you might want to bet on their opponent. If they come out and are dominating, then you now have some supporting evidence to back your original expectation and now you can bet them more confidently.

Watching the game and then making your decision – rather than having to go in somewhat blind – is huge. Done right, it can lead to plenty of success.


Live bets


Hedging Your Bets

Although many people don’t think about this strategy too often, live betting does offer a good opportunity to hedge your bets.

Let’s say that you can’t hold off pre-game as you’re certain a side will win. Well, you lock in your bet and go to flip on the game. If you’re tuned in and see that your bet is going to lose, one way to get out of it is to live bet the opposite side. Is it a perfect science? No. Are you going to break even? Absolutely not. However, using live betting to hedge your bets allows you to get something back rather than possibly losing your entire stake.

Many sportsbooks will have a cash out feature, which is essentially the same as betting the opposite side. Just keep an eye on the cash out button and you’ll see what you can get back into your account.


Locking In A Sure Profit

The other way that you can use this feature/strategy is by cashing out when you’re ahead. Of course, it’s hard for many bettors to walk away with profits when they see that they could win more but it’s something to keep in mind. Let’s say that you bet Manchester City at -125 for $100 and they’ve now taken an early 1-0 lead. The cash out feature will allow you to probably walk away with a small profit even if the game is still going. The downside is that if you cash out and they win, you could have won more. The upside is that once you’ve cashed out, you’ve locked in your profits and don’t have to sweat the game anymore. If they end up losing, you’ll look real smart for winning something rather than registering a loss.


Take Advantage Of Live Betting Freebies

The last point to mention is that a number of companies offer little freebies for you to try out in-game betting. For example, BetOnline gives customers a free $25 live bet. MyBookie will often e-mail their customers various promos and players who haven’t tried live betting might get a free bet to try. There are lots of companies that offer these types of incentives.

At the end of the day, if you can make something out of nothing with a free bet, you might as well take advantage. On top of all of the other good reasons, bettors who have not really delved into live betting for soccer should give it a go and see if they can be more effective with their bankroll in-game rather than pre-game.


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