Soccer Betting Tips and Strategies

Soccer betting is considered by most people as a way of enjoying sports, where normally, bettors or punters lose their money. They believe that they can win a huge amount of money with some luck. This is precisely what the bookmakers want: people betting like they were playing the lottery. However, if you want your soccer betting tips to win in the long term, without depending on being lucky, while controlling the risk, it is absolutely necessary to understand how betting works and making some calculations.


Invest your time

In order to improve your skills, you have to be willing to put in the necessary time. This statement is true for both serious and recreational soccer bettors. The more determined you are to make a profit, the more time you will have to set aside. Time is vital for many reasons. If you want to become an expert in soccer, you have to find time for studying the subject of soccer betting. The more time you spend on this, the more you will learn. And, ideally, you want to learn as much you possibly can. Then you need time to actually put what you’ve learned into practice. This means experimenting with various approaches and doing the necessary research and analysis.


Now, you don’t need to set aside hours upon hours each and every week. That could get dull and tiresome, especially if you’re only betting recreationally. However, it’s a simple fact that you will benefit from the time you choose to commit. So try to spare as much of it you can, as it is bound to pay off in the long run.


Soccer betting history


Track results of your soccer betting tips

If you are estimating your own probabilities, you should make a simulation of your soccer bets, until you have a sufficient number of bets and positive results. After a few hundred bets, you can evaluate your profit, yield, average odds, average bet size, profit factor. Also, if needed, make some changes to improve your results. Furthermore, there are platforms to publish your soccer betting tips and follow your results. These platforms also perform some analysis and calculate these statistics. If you are following a tipster or soccer prediction site, it is also a good idea to track your results, so that you can compare your performance with the tipster or the service results, and then make an evaluation of the followability.


Open accounts with many bookmakers

When betting over the minimum profitable odds, the higher the odds at which you can bet, the more profit you will gain. Therefore, if you have an open account with many bookmakers, you can compare the odds directly or use odds comparison websites before placing your bet, so that you can always catch the best odds available. Some people try to win by only betting in sharp bookmakers, so they have no problems with restrictions. However, there is no reason to avoid using also soft bookmakers, even after being limited. In addition, if you open accounts with many bookmakers at the same time, you will divide your bets, and your soft bookmakers’ accounts will last longer as you place fewer bets and win slower with each one.


Update your bankroll

It is proved that, when using a positive expected value method, updating your bankroll and using a proportional stake, and therefore, your unit equivalence in currency, leads to higher profit when you are on a winning streak and lower risk of bankruptcy when you are suffering a losing streak. You can also use a spreadsheet to track how much money you have in each bookmaker. Also, you can calculate your unit (%) equivalence every day or week (depending on the number of bets you make).


Totalize your soccer bets

If your bankroll grows the day will come when you cannot wager the total bet size with one bookmaker. In that case, you can always totalize your bet across several bookmakers from the one with the best odds, in a descendant order while their odds are above the minimum profitable odds. By doing so, you will gain the maximum profit and take advantage of the information given by your expected value method.


Assessing the value of one soccer banker prediction and betting system over another is crucial. Through patience, discipline and a little bit of luck, you may just find the soccer forecasting model that can give you the advantage you want.


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