Sharp Punters are always prepared 

Sharp Punters are always prepared 

 Sharp Punters’ Strategy


Actively Seeking A Chance

Sharp punters are willing to shop for the best number; they also have some predictions as to the overall line movement for the bet and try to time their bets to obtain the best number. Sharps actively try to find and bet middles, scalps, +EV promotions and bonuses whenever possible. A large part of this again depends on their predictions of line movement. Also, any +EV straight bet combinations whenever they can be found such as accumulators.

Stats, Data Mining & Value

Sharps handicap the sport without the aid of the seeing the lines already in place, they constantly use tools such as data mining, insider knowledge, statistics and winning subsets to help them improve their handicapping. They also present value after the game is over to see how accurate their original cap was and how they can further improve the process. This is then factored into their next handicap with the most recent results more heavily weighted.

Constantly Learning

When sharps have active discussions with other sharps whom they respect to be sharp (or reading their books or posts), they’re more interested in discussing and learning their winning methods than just to obtain their picks. They consistently show that they can beat the average closing line.


Sharps have a bankroll set aside for betting purposes only and have kept detailed long term records of all their bets. They have won consistently over the long term at the sports that they’re presently betting, and they have cut back or ceased altogether betting on the sports that they have not consistently demonstrated a profit in.

Use of Maths

They use some derivative form of Kelly Criterion to help them size their bets according to the estimated edge based on both their current calculations and previous records.


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