Seven Best Sports Betting Strategies

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Anyone who is into sports betting is aware of the basics but for most of them, the basic strategies barely yield big results. Betting is a game of odds and luck with the end goal being to get lucky as many times as possible. 

To do this, you have to come up with a strategy or strategies that will allow you to put those odds in your favor and be in a position to win. We know seven of the best strategies you could use to get those odds in your favor and increase your chances of hitting the jackpot whether you’re an occasional gambler or you do it professionally.

Using the Overlyzer live tool

When it comes to the best soccer betting strategies, the Overlyzer live tool should be your go to. 

Over 1000 tournaments and Leagues around the world are tracked by Overlyzer’s live tool. Overlyzer’s live tool is able to effectively map the pressure situations in these soccer matches as they happen. This allows you, the user, to see at a glance which team is on the ascendancy and the direction a game is most likely to go in order to make the right predictions on an outcome. 

Whether you’re betting on the correct scoreline at the end of the game, the team likely to score next or even the number of goals that could be scored, this brilliant live tool will help you make your decisions more effectively. 


Money Won

Early Cashout strategy 

Sometimes you may have second thoughts about a bet you made. You could be unsure about the outcome of a match before kickoff or you could have doubts about whether a team can successfully hold out for a result. 

It is something that happens to all of us and the early cashout option is the solution to all of your problems. Having this option assures the spectator that there is always a chance to win when they’re unsure about the likelihood of getting a good result. 

The early cashout strategy allows you to withdraw your bets before they have even been settled. It is a safety net that allows you to either make a profit or get a part of your stake back. It is entirely your call. The feature will automatically be made available for selection as soon as you make any of the pre match or in play bets. Depending on what happens while the game goes on, the amount you can cashout will constantly change.

When you should Cashout early

In a situation where the team you favor to win is in the lead but the opposition look like they are mounting a strong comeback, you could decide to cashout then and there in order to make some profit regardless of what happens afterwards. 

Specialize in a League 

Knowledge is power and having good knowledge of the competition/league you’re betting on is very important in order to forecast more accurately.

When you want to specialize in the league you want, you will want to find a competition that is well known across the world and has very good TV coverage and an extensive amount of data coverage on the internet. This allows you to have the options you need when conducting research in order to make better bets. 

When information like injuries, suspensions, form tables and top scorers, are available, it makes you more aware of the tendencies of teams in the League and make decisions to that effect. 

Betting on a draw 

For a lot of reasons, betting on a draw is not the most popular way bet with the major reason being that it’s just more fun to see the team you put in your bet win or score a lot of goals instead but betting on a match to end in a tie can also prove to be an effective strategy. It is also one that pays often considering every game starts with both teams tied. 

One good way to bet on a draw is to check the Asian handicap odds. Here, you have to search for games in which the handicap was set to zero (0) or a draw.

What this means is that both sides have been rated equally, and the bookmakers don’t want to give any of the teams a head start. The tendency of games like these ending in a draw is pretty high and it’s a bet you can take.  

Betting on Cup games 

Betting on cup competitions is largely frowned upon by bettors because cup games are one offs and unpredictable (upsets are more likely because of the nature of cup competitions) but it is a pretty nice way to bet especially if it is a hugely exciting cup round. 

When trying to prepare for betting on cup games, it is important to follow stuff like the press conference beforehand. That is where you gather information on injuries, suspensions and most importantly team news. How the manager will set his team up and which players (whether starters, the second string squad or the youth players) he will use for the cup tie. 

It is also important to do research on how the important cup competitions are to these clubs. That would be very important in understanding what their approach in the cup will be like and affect how you make your move when betting because some teams may decide to rest all their most important players for the competitions they feel are priority to them and will be happy to lose in the cup game. 

Bet on late goals

The stats show that when you bet with this strategy, you win less than 60% of your bets. There will obviously be losses but that is not a bad number at all. 

In order to do this, you need to search for a team that is a clear favorite to win a match with three way betting odds less than 1.30 and bet on as many games as possible. Most bookmakers offer these bets under the name “Last goal will be in minutes 76-90”. It is imperative that you play this only with single bets as combinations reduces your chances of winning. 

The 1-3-2-6 system

The 1-3-2-6 system was designed for bets that we’re made to pay out an even sum. It is a simple betting system that is used by a lot of bettors.  

First of all, you have to decide how high your betting unit should be. Once you have set the amount you will be willing to lose in one session, you should set your betting unit around 2% to 5% of that 

Let’s say you wanted to bet with a total of 500€, 10€ would be a reasonable number. 

Once you are successful with a bet, you will go on to adjust your stake according to the sequence 1-3-2-6. If you win your first bet, the next time you increase your stake to 30€ (three betting units). If you win this too, you will place 20€ (two betting units) on your next bet. If you win this too, the next time you wager 60€ (six betting units). And already we have the 1-3-2-6 sequence. When this sequence ends with you winning then you start again from the beginning. 

If you lose the bet though, you will have to adjust back to the original betting unit which is 10€. This is a simple set of rules you have to follow when using the 1-3-2-6 rule. 

It is important to note that this strategy doesn’t guarantee profits nor does it help you win as it all depends on your luck and the decisions you make but it just gives you a guideline on how you will make bets and if your luck is very good then you are likely to make steady profit during a winning streak.

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