Live betting in soccer: How to win more often

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Soccer betting evolved tremendously since the inception of online betting. The great options of odds, up to date tips, betting bonuses and operators aren’t the only novelties that the lover of the beautiful game have had at their disposal since the first years of the 21st century. Live betting changed sports betting forever, and soccer is not an exception. But betting live, in-running, in game wagering, or whatever way you like to call it, is radically different than betting ‘pre-match’. 

Live betting allows players a chance to profit from very different insights. Unlike before the kickoff, there’s a lot more information at the disposal of the bettors. If there are doubtful players, you’ll have the line-up there for you if you place a bet in the first minutes of the game, which gives you extra confidence in a potential bet.

Moreover, you’ll have a much wider array of information at your disposal if you are watching the game live via streaming or traditional TV coverage. You can actually see who’s performing well and who isn’t. By having this kind of information, as well as using one of the one of the best soccer betting apps out there, a lot of traders diversified their betting selections.

Many successful bettors from the largest groups of high-risk investment firms out there don’t even know the names of the players of games they bet on. Just calculating the chances of a team scoring based on a quality stream source, it’s possible to thrive with live betting.

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How to Make The Most of Soccer Live Betting

There are some interesting facts to have in mind when trying to make a few bucks off of your live soccer betting. One of the most interesting ones is that the markets take time to absorb in the odds of some developments in the game. Big facts like a penalty kick or a red card aren’t exactly good examples, because these situations, as well as pauses due to VAR checking, for example, cause a block in the markets until the situation is clear.

But there’s good stuff out there, with potentially nice betting liquidity, to enjoy if you have a keen eye and a passion for the beautiful game. Sometimes big teams like Real Madrid, for example, don’t play very well. This season they lost on the road to Mallorca, for example, in a match that they had big negative handicaps and low 1×2 odds. It happens. But it didn’t take very long to notice that the absence of Modric and Kroos made their team much weaker, the victory of Mallorca unfolded before the eyes of millions of fans.

Also, the opposite situation may also happen. Sometimes underdogs score early, due to some luck, only to see the big favorite club fighting back a losing score, and eventually winning. 

Homework Also Helps When Betting Live

We mentioned some extreme examples of scenarios when bettors may make the most of live impressions without much knowledge of a team or of a league, but any information is helpful.

A quick look at the classification table, as well as reading one article about each team involved in the game can provide precious information regarding the motivation of the teams for the game, injuries and what the pundits expect. This type of information will ‘explain’ a bit to you the current market odds before and during the game.

But sometimes, it won’t! Just like in the cryptocurrency markets, there are whales that move the market with big bets, and they also make mistakes. 

Summary: Tips to Bet Live on Soccer

The big lesson when betting on any sport is to understand that there’s skill involved, that is, how accurately the bettors find information and use them to chase profits.

Unlike a slot game or a roulette game, there’s no rational way to predict the outcome. Of course, we’re being pretty scientifical here, but whether a player believes in luck, gut feelings and other metaphysical forms of ‘divination’, it’s a personal choice. It’s important to know what you’re after when betting on sports: if you’re doing it to have fun, you may as well listen to your intuition. But if you’re trying to mimic professional gamblers, then perhaps math, rationality and science are better allies!

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