Football betting expert shares his secrets

Football betting expert shares his secrets


In-Depth Insight by football betting expert


The latest ‘How I Make Money Betting‘ SBC interview has just been released and features an in-depth discussion with expert football tipster, Ian Broadrick.

Best known by his nickname ‘Brodders’, Ian has been making a profit football betting for several years and in this exclusive interview, he discusses the secrets behind his success and how you can look to replicate it.

Ian is a true, bonafide football punting expert who for several years has worked alongside punting giants like Neil Channing and Joe Beevers at the Betting Emporium.

You can read this interview now with a Platinum ‘Pro Punter’ SBC membership.


 Also, How I Make Money Betting is the name of a new and unique set of interviews with winning punters, tipsters and expert gambling professionals, published by the Secret Betting Club.

With a collection of interviews available immediately and more planned throughout 2018 and beyond – its your chance to learn the secrets behind the betting success of several very different gambling figures.

Exploring everything from the tricks of their trade, how exactly they identify value betting opportunities to coping with betting restrictions and much more – these interviews are your peek behind the curtain on how the ‘professionals’ do it. Whether it be on sports such as horse racing, football and tennis or by placing bets with bookmakers, bet brokers or betting exchanges – Secret Betting Club gets the lowdown on the how, what, why and where of betting success from those living it day-in, day-out.



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