Finding Value Bets


Value Betting


The only way you can make a profit from sports betting in the long term is to ensure that you are getting value prices for your bets. This is the cornerstone of successful sports betting. Also, you must select bets that have value in the line cause this is what separates long-term winners from losers. The more bookmakers you’re signed up at, the better the possibilities are that you will find this value.


Knowledge and Understanding

Short-term fluctuations are only masked by a long-term opportunity. If you can find a line at one certain shop that is off, by half a point, or by 15 cents of juice, a lot of times that number gives you an edge against the 2.5-5% fee the bookmaker always charges. You have to acquire enough knowledge so that you understand a particular sport, or subsection thereof, a certain league, Cup, team, or even a coach or player better than the public. In order to do this, you must be a record keeper.

Second, you must have the discipline to act only when you have an advantage and can come out ahead based on that knowledge and understanding. However, this is not an overnight process but entails a lengthy apprenticeship that is performed mostly by oneself, making the task particularly difficult. But it can be done. Sports Betting is a tremendously rough road losing all the time. Sometimes you will bet above 52.4% and you will still, be losing and then there are days where you will be betting below 52.4% and you will have a profit. It all starts with your expectation of winning based on the amount you bring to the table. It is knowledge of the matchups and present trends of the teams in the game you intend to bet on.


Finding Value Bets

However, the finding of good value bets comes with great efforts and difficulty. Also, you must be aware of cutting your losses during the process. Instead of trying to predict an outcome of the match, you need to predict how likely things are to happen and then to compare this probability with the given odds. Furthermore, by looking for the value bets you are also looking for the best odds for the match. In conclusion, finding value is the route to long-term profitability and slow but consistent increasing of your winnings.


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