Does Barcelona Have a Future in a Post-Messi World?

Does Barcelona Have a Future in a Post-Messi World?

It is no secret that the world of football has been thrown into turmoil in recent times due in no small part to the current health crisis. However, some teams have suffered even more setbacks due to internal issues. Perhaps the most well-known example involves Lionel Messi and his recent departure from Barcelona. Well-known sports betting sites such as Vwin88 have followed this unfolding story since the rumours first appeared and they are now asking an important question. How will FCB fare in the coming months without their lynchpin? Will they be able to remain at or near the top of the Champions League? Might they instead be destined for the doldrums of professional football anonymity? Let us take a look at some of the reasons why Barcelona could be in for a rough future.

The Spirit of the Team

It would have been impossible to analyse the performance of Barcelona in the past without highlighting the numerous accolades obtained by Messi. However, he was much more than a stellar player. He held the team together while on the pitch. He provided the necessary motivation to push through when the going got tough. Without such solidarity, we are forced to wonder whether or not FCB can achieve the momentum required to do battle with formidable adversaries such as Real Madrid and Manchester United.

Cohesion Issues

Politics has always played a role in Football and Barcelona is certainly no exception. Rumours first began circulating in 2020 which claimed that Messi was less than happy with his FCB contract. It was also stated that he had experienced clashes with management behind closed doors. We therefore have to wonder if his teammates were likewise less than satisfied with how FCB was being led from the top down. If so, Messi’s departure only solidified their concerns. Will this shaken confidence be reflected in how Barcelona performs on the pitch? Due to the fact that this team has already suffered several losses, the answer to this question seems obvious.


Barcelona post-Messi era


Lacklustre Fans When the Going Gets Tough

In the best of times, fans of Barcelona would not miss a game for the world. However, note the phrase “in the best of times”. It was easy to rally around Messi and his spectacular performance on the pitch. Essentially, he became the veritable “face” of the entire team. Fans are now left in a lurch thanks to his departure. Some blame poor management decisions while others even feel betrayed by the man. Thus, the team may not be able to enjoy the same levels of support that were present in the past. This will obviously have a negative impact upon their confidence as a whole.

However, the future of Barcelona is far from certain. There are still plenty of reasons to retain confidence in this football juggernaut. Players such as Oscar Mingueza, Gerard Pique and Frenkie de Jong are impressive in their own rights. It will be interesting to see how FCB fares in the coming months.

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