Common Sports Betting Bets and What They Mean

Common Sports Betting Bets and What They Mean

Livescore has been a favourite pastime of players from around the world. And since the beginning of times, there have been local bookies or bookmakers that have been catering and serving bettors or punters who want to bet on sports games, you can find a list here such as football, baseball and other games. Today, there are also online venues that offer sports betting games for members. But if you’ve just started in sports booking, what are the common sports bets and what do they mean? Check out the following for some light on the matter.


Sports bets


Types of Sports Betting Bets

Unlike the common notion that all you can do is to simply bet to predict a game’s outcome and win if you’re right, you actually have several bet choices when playing at the gambling pro or in other bookies online or offline.


It works simply by placing a bet on the team that will beat the point spread given at the specific time that the wager is made. In most sports booking sites, straight bets pay winners $100 per $110 wagered. But then if the game concludes in a ‘tie,’ it is considered as ‘no action,’ and in this case, the original wager will be transferred back into your money bank.


This livescore bet is made on a specific game part. An example is betting on what the longest field goal will be.


In this bet, what you are betting on is the combined score of both the playing teams, which when added will be under or over the amount stated. So unless it is stated otherwise, all totals will lay or bet $110 in order to win $100.


This is a group or family of bets composed of proposition, totals and straight, all combined in one bet. But in order to win in this sports bet, the individual components of the parlay have to win. Here, you can also combine different types of sports using the same parlay. The payoffs on the parlay wager vary based on the number of teams chosen and on the odds on each of them. In the event of a tie in at least one of the individual games, the wager goes to the lower payoff number.


It is a bet made while a game or event is taking place, but it is not offered by all sports booking sites.

Money Line

This is where a player wagers on a team that will win the game without it needing to beat a spread at a specific time. Without a spread, the winning bet on the advantaged team pays you a small payout, but a larger one if you wagered on the underdog. In this case, the winning amount varies from one game to another. However, remember that you will be keeping the money line at the time of your wager, no matter the line movement. For example, if the money line’s a positive number, then you need to wager $100 in order to win that money line, so you need to wager $100 in order to win $155 if the money line is +155.


It’s simply the grouping of at least two teams into a single wager. The point spread is normally modified to your advantage. What’s the difference between a teaser and a parlay? In the teaser, you’re betting on the line, which is against for every individual wager and it is adjusted to your favor by the number of teaser points. An example: Your line would be negative 4 if the regular line is -10 and you got a 6-point teaser. And for the parlay, all the components of the bet have to win for the teaser bet to win.

How much can you win with a teaser bet? It depends on the number of teams chosen and the number of points allotted for each team. So in the event of a push in at least one individual part, the wager steps down to the next lower payoff.

Learning of these sports betting bets and their meaning is integral in gaining the most pleasant online sportsbook experience. Remember them, study your options well and know what each wager means before investing your dollars.


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