Betting on Total Goals


Over/Under Goals Markets


Since the betting industry went online there has been a huge growth in all aspects and areas. As the industry grows, and the competition increases, the betting market is constantly evolving and many efforts are made towards lowering costs but maximizing the profit. In sports betting, soccer takes the largest market and it is quite a popular betting on Total goals. It relates to betting on the total number of goals in a specific match.


Advantages of the betting on total goals

The main advantage of betting on the Over/Under goal markets in soccer is mainly related to the fact that there are only two possible outcomes. Most of all, both outcomes are usually assessed as being reasonably equally likely to occur. This has the appealing characteristics that long losing runs are much less likely than with other forms of betting. This also means that the variability in the profit/loss from one season to the next is potentially much lower. Therefore, it offers a lower risk betting investment alternative. However, the overall rate of return is lower as a result. In addition, the over-round on Asian markets is often lower than all other betting markets in soccer.



What to consider when betting on total goals

Any soccer team tends to score as more as possible goals in the match in order to win. For the top-performing teams, we can say that they are good at scoring goals while keeping a clean sheet. On the other hand, for the bottom-league teams, is quite opposite. They are poor at scoring goals and at defending also. If two teams which are good at scoring goals, and mediocre in defending is to play each other, it would be a fair assumption to say that there is a good chance for a lot of goals in the match. Therefore, we advise you that in a number of different approaches investigate the correlation between a soccer teams history results and the probability distribution for the number of goals in a given soccer match.


Successful betting models

The examination of soccer result and odds data is to lead to the establishment of a model for assessing the probability of the number of goals scored in a soccer game. This model will use only historical match result data and has no other prior information on the match. The goal of this project is to put forth a number of candidate assessors and through evaluation establish the possibility of creating an automatized assessment of the number of goals in a soccer game, which can at the least match those of the bookmakers.

After all, using this model, our team has developed a unique strategy that brings profit.  Knowing that industry rests on the conflicting interest of bookmakers and bettors, we constantly evolve by testing new models. As a result, Single Tips made by our team have made us good return with 5% overall ROI so far.


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