Advantages Of In-Play Betting


Advantages of in-play betting


To some punters, soccer betting may be just a past-time or a form of recreation once in a while from the monotonous daily routine. But to serious live-bettors, in-play betting is already a profitable business that has become their livelihood.


There are many advantages of in-play betting making it a gold mine which no punter must ignore :


  • The greatest advantage is the punters have exactly the same information as the bookmakers as the matches are being played.


  • There is a chance for the punters to wait for better odds if the opening odds are too low.


  • The punters can track the movement of the odds which will reflect on the performance of the teams, and then make his punting decisions.


  • In-play betting also gives the punters an opportunity to make a “U-turn” and reverse a bet when the situation necessitates. This is equivalent to closing your position in the stock market. In most cases, the punter can place an in-play bet till the 88th minute of the game. The punter must be mindful that the bet counts from the time of the bet, for example, in a match between Tottenham and Burnley. At 30th minute, Tottenham was leading 1-0. At 40th minute, you bet Tottenham to win at Asian Handicap -0.5 (that is, Tottenham giving a half goal to Burnley). No further goal was scored and the match ended 1-0 in favour of Tottenham. Even though Tottenham won 1-0, your bet lost because you bet Tottenham to win @ AH -0.5 from 40th minutes of play till the end of the game.


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Please, have in mind that betting is a business which is all about being sharp. Also, it is important knowing when to bet and when not to bet. After all, it is up to the punter to bet smartly or foolishly.


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