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How to use the ‘Add2Bet’ feature?

This feature allows you to add new selections to your existing open bet.

When logged in you can now add a selection(s) to your bet slip, instead of placing a new bet(s), you can add these selections to existing open bets which have the Cash Out option available.

If you decide to use the ‘Add2Bet’ feature, you can choose which open bet from ‘my bets’ to modify. Once the open bet from my bets is selected, the original selections placed beforehand are added to the bet slip alongside the newly added selection(s).

Your new bet stake is equal to the Cash Out amount on offer at the time of adding and you cannot modify the stake amount. The original selections will be placed on the current odds at the time of adding.

Once a new bet is placed via the ‘Add2Bet’ mode, the original open bet is Cashed Out and its Cash Out amount is used for the placement of your newly modified bet.




NetBet Sport is an online bookmaker specialising in sports betting.

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