Thu. Oct 18th, 2018

The Men Who Failed Us

As the sexual assault allegations against Cristiano Ronaldo gain wider public scrutiny, fans must examine how and why we put footballers on pedestals. (Wikimedia Commons)cw: sexual assault I may never ...
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USA vs Peru: In Pictures

  The United States Men’s National Team took on Peru last night in East Hartford, CT. While there were some real positives to be gleaned— not least of which was teenager ...
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Howler Radio: In Conversation With Elliott Sheaf

The ConIFA World Cup, West Ham, & More This week Dennie sits down with Elliott Sheaf, who has a piece featured in Issue #15. Sheaf, the editor of Top Corner Magazine, ...
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Why on earth is Messi wearing Thom Browne?

Lionel Messi wore a silly suit as part of a silly branding play last week. That is not an obviously newsworthy development. Messi has never been particularly fashionable, and recent ...
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A Strategic Analysis Of Trent Alexander-Arnold’s Chess Match With Magnus Carlsen

The young Liverpool fullback challenged the defending World Champion to a friendly game. It went about as well as you’d expect. (BBC Merseyside)There really should be a complicated German word ...
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Howler Radio: Author Jomo Hendrickson talks life off the pitch as a soccer novelist

Dennie sits down with Jomo Hendrickson to talk about soccer, life, and his book. This week, Howler Radio welcomes novelist, Howler contributor and former DI collegiate player Jomo Hendrickson to ...
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Howler’s Guide To The 2018 CONCACAF Women’s Championship

For the Big Three, this is just the last step toward booking their tickets to the World Cup. For everyone else, getting here at all was a struggle. Later today, ...
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Christina Murillo: Falling Through Fire

Fighting to break through for both club and country, Murillo has walked through fire to get to where she’s at now. Literally. “I think I tweeted something out recently where ...
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A New Direction For Howler Digital

The first week of August we published Georgia Cloepfil’s two–part memoir of a season in South Korea, The Shape of a Dream Can Expand and Shrink. In late June we ...
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FC St Pauli Fans Were Hit With Stink Bombs Ahead Of Hamburg Derby

Photo via FC St. Pauli (Twitter)There’s something special about a rekindled derby. It brings out a certain passion and creativity that had been pent up. When spite meets lots of ...
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Howler Radio: Interview With Georgia Cloepfil

We sit down with Georgia Cloepfil, author of The Shape of a Dream Can Expand and Shrink: An American Soccer Life in South Korea, an extraordinary two-part piece we ran on ...
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FIFA’s ‘The Best’ Awards Were Delightfully Cringey

The third edition of the FIFA Football Awards were given out yesterday. One might say meted out, as if inflicted on all of us by a vengeful and petty god, but ...
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