8 Heplful Tips for Playing Slot Machines

Step into any casino in the world, both online and physical, and you are sure to be greeted by rows and rows of these colourful slots. Slot machines are usually the first way people get into gambling. They are fun, colourful, and relatively easy. These machines offer a wide range of payouts and the number of gimmicks each machine has is almost limitless. You can select from a wide range of themed machines from your favourite band, TV series, and movies. They also offer a lot of promotion to keep the game interesting and the players rooted in their seats. So for the uninformed and the curious, here are some helpful tips to play slots.

Tips for playing slots

#1 Play Higher

In order for you to increase your chances of winning larger jackpots, then you must be willing to bet higher. Slot machines are, in essence, still considered gambling and what’s gambling without a little risk? The payout in many slots is usually relative to the bet you make so the higher the bets you place, the bigger the jackpot you might get.


#2 To the Maximum

Betting the maximum is going to allow you to get all available lines of action in each spin. Slots with a lot of lines require you to place specific bets to be activated and if you bet the maximum, your chances are increased.


#3 Go with Something Simple

The more complicated a machine is, the lower your chances of hitting that jackpot. The extra bells and whistles don’t help at all. The fun casino type will usually offer rows and rows of these kinds of machine to draw the crowd in. So keep it simple and don’t get sidetracked with all these bonuses, multipliers, and progressive jackpots.


#4 Test the Game

Before you bet big on some of the slots, test them out first. You can play free slots for some of the ones you’re interested in playing. This is usually available in online machines but some physical ones offer free spins too. This will give you an idea on the format of the game and how betting is placed.


#5 Choose the Ones that Fit Your Style

Slot machines are created by designers and programmers who make machines that stand apart from the rest. Slots have different formats for you to choose from, different lines and top jackpots. Some have a lower betting standard but offer more chances of winning while others have required you to bet high but offer bigger payout. Choose the ones that fit your preference.


#6 Mind your Budget

Gambling is addictive and it can go out of hand quickly if you are not mindful of how much you are spending. If you are in it for the thrill then it is in your best interest to play as much as you can for as long as possible without losing all your money. Be extra careful with machines that use tactics to keep you playing longer. They offer a number of bonuses and progressive jackpots that will keep you playing. You will lose money playing slots but you don’t have to lose it all at once.


#7 Start Small, Win Big

This is usually referred to as priming the pump. Seasoned bettors know that winning won’t come right away. They will usually start with small bets and progressively place bigger bets. In reality, you are more likely to win early on than later. The odds are the same either way.


#8 Cash Instead of Card

When you are playing slots, especially in physical casinos, stick to cash over the card in your bets. There are almost no coin-based machines available and inserting bills into each machine will help you be more aware of the money you are spending with each game, as opposed to swiping with your credit card.

Slot machines are some of the most fun games in casinos, both online and brick-and-mortar ones. There’s not much strategy involved and playing is as simple as it can get. So don’t forget to have fun when you do get a chance to play.


Author Bio:

Annah Brooks is a passionate blogger and gambler who became a successful gambler after losing significant money at casinos. She writes to share tips on how to win gambling. She is currently working with FunCasinoHire, one of the country’s leading suppliers of fun casino entertainment, themed prop hire and photo booths ideal for weddings, charities, private parties, and corporate events.

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