6 Best Ways to Win Money Gambling at a Casino


When it comes to gambling, many people have claimed that this is engrained in our DNA. There has been evidence that some form of gambling existed in prehistoric times as a form of socialization and entertainment. In modern times, gambling has been regulated and streamlined although different countries have their variety of games associated with their culture. For the most part, when it comes to gambling, the first thing that pops into the minds of people is casinos. Many cities around the world are famous for being the gambling capital in their respective country with regulations set that favors gambling establishments. The pull of casinos is almost unavoidable to some people. The appeal mostly lies in winning and risk-taking, although winning a quick buck overtakes everything else. To win and win big in casinos involves a bit of calculation, reading body language, and a whole lot of luck. Here are a few tips to maximize your odds at winning.


6 Best Ways to Win Money Gambling at a Casino

  1. Pick your Dealer

Dealers are known to have quick reflexes, being able to deal with cards quickly and efficiently. To become a dealer requires countless hours of practice. They are not, however, immune to mistakes, some more than others. To outwit the establishment and win money, try observing who the clumsiest dealers are and sit at their table. This could mean a greater advantage of winning if you manage to beat them at their own game.


  1. Don’t Get Distracted

Many casinos have begun to hire good-looking dealers to man their tables. They do this in the hopes of distracting the players into committing mistakes. Some casinos will even hire sexy pole dancers to roam the floor and stick close to those on a winning streak, offering booze and a bit of leg twirling. If you don’t pay enough attention, you won’t notice that the house has trimmed the payout. However, much distracting these girls may be, make sure you stay focused on the prize. Also, avoid getting intoxicated as this is a recipe for losing a ton of money.


  1. Have a Game Plan

This involves getting yourself familiar with the game, knowing the rules, and just practicing it enough. There are many online games that allow you to play without betting money. Use this to practice your craft before stepping in a casino and using actual money. Play the different variations in the game and try as much to play with real players. This will hone your skill level. Before taking yourself into casinos, set a budget beforehand of how much money you will only spend and set an intention to leave once it is all gone. Like any goal, self-discipline is crucial for success.


  1. Play the Right Games

Casinos are very smart when it comes to attracting customers to play. Most of their machines have bright and flashy lights with bold claims of prizes to draw in the crowd but these usually have the worst odds. Head instead to calmer games. This usually means table games. If you enjoy playing slot machines, then you must set aside a smaller amount for playing.


  1. Accept Freebies and Offers

Casinos, in the hopes of keeping players playing, will offer freebies and incentives. Use these to your advantage. Joining player’s club will lead you receiving comps and other amenities. If you play table games, use your card all the time. It also helps to sign up for newsletters and emails; this is a great way to know of special deals and offers casinos might offer.


  1. Avoid Extra Spending

There is no such thing as a freebie; or at least in the case of casinos. That free drink that keeps arriving is a carefully orchestrated act to loosen you up, making you gamble more. Take note when suddenly more and more booze is coming your way. This usually indicates your worsening odds. Try to avoid buying cocktails too as casinos are known to price their drinks higher than normal. Lastly, learn to walk away when you’re on a winning streak. As they say, what goes up must come down, and you don’t want to come down inside a casino.


Author Bio: Annah Brooks is an ardent blogger and gambler who became a passionate gambler after losing significant money at casinos. She writes to share tips on how to win gambling. She frequently blogs at Joker123, which is the most trusted and recommended Malaysia & Singapore’s Online Casino.


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